Difference between Canada and Australia

There are seven continents in the world, all having different geographical and climatic properties. A huge number of countries exist on each continent depending upon its geography. Among them, America and Australia are also comprising of different nations residing there. Canada is located in North America along with United States of America. While Australia country is located in Australia continent that have two other countries as well. Both are diverse in their geography, climate, biodiversity and many other aspects.


Canada is located in North America. It is a democratic country with parliamentary system. Canada is ranked 2nd largest country in the world with respect to its total area. The variety of life is define by huge area together with the climatic conditions. Canada is a highly urbanized nation in the world just because 80% of its population lives in cities and suburban areas. This clearly remarks its economic success in which it is ranked 16th largest GDP by PPP in the world.


Australia is the name of a country as well as the continent it is present in. The continent has two other countries which are named as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea as well as many other tiny countries. Australia is known to be the oldest continent with less fertile soil which imparts to its decreased forest cover.

Comparison board

Definition Located in America continent. A continent, as well as largest country in the continent.
Area Total area covered by Canada is 9.985 million km2. Total area covered by Australia is 7.692 million km2.
Population Total population of Canada is 37.57 million. Total population of Australia is 24.6 million.
Weather Canada overall is a cold country. Australia overall is a warm country, hot in summer.
Official language Canada has two national languages i.e. English and French. Australia has English as its de facto national language.
Forest area 40% of Canada’s geographical area is forest. Forest cover of Australia is 17% of its geographical area.

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