Canada vs Philippines

Difference between Canada and Philippines

Countries located in different continents differ from each other in many mores aspects than countries located in the same continent do. Asia is considered the largest and most populated continent in the world. It has a total of 48 countries; Philippines being one of them. On the flipside, Canada is a country located in North America which is third largest continent by area. Canada is actually the largest country in America.


This country is located in the world’s 3rd largest continent; America. It is a very geographically active country having earthquakes and volcanoes all over. It has the world’s largest boreal forests sequestering major portions of carbon into it. Canada is also one of the leading economies in the world, which makes it part of the developed nations. About 80% of its population lives in urban lands and its suburbs.


Philippines is a land of 764 islands, ranking as the 5th largest island country. It had been ruled by three nations viz. Spain, America and Japan. Being located at the equator, Philippines is a paradise on Earth. It is prone to frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. Due to mineral deposits after volcanic eruptions, this country is considered to have the 2nd largest gold depositsin the world.

Comparison board

Location It is located in America (North America). Located in Asia (South East Asia).
Area The total area of Canada is 9.985 million km2. Philippines has an area of 300,000 km2.
Population The total population of Canada is 37 million people (aproximately). Total population of Philippines is 104 million people.
Forest Canada have boreal forests and a total forest coverage of 40% its total geographical area. Philippines have rainforests and a total forest cover of 70% of its total geographical area.
Major source of income Canada is considered an industrial country relying on manufacture. A country rich in mineral wealth. Tourism is very important as well.
Climate Predominant cold although in summer can get very hot. Hot and humid climate all year round.
Economy Its economy is ranked at 12th in the world. On the other hand, Philippines economy is ranked at 34th in the world.

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