Difference between Vaseline and Vaseline blue seal

Dry skin is the common issue faced in winter season. Women especially take good care of their skin and keep it moisturized in extreme weather conditions. There are a lot of moisturizing products in the market which help people keep their skins moisturized and prevent it from dryness.

Vaseline is one of those products that is made from the petroleum jelly. It is widely used all across the world. Vaseline blue seal is another moisturizing product. Both are not exactly similar but have few technical differences between them.


Vaseline is basically the name of brand that makes purified petroleum jelly to moisturize the skin Not only skin Vaseline products also work like magic on the chapped lips and fractured skin tissues. Initially Vaseline was used as a medical product but later due to the addition of microcrystalline wax and minerals, its use is extended to cosmetics industry.

Vaseline blue seal

This Vaseline is also made up of petroleum jelly. It has special triple purification formula that makes it more effective towards cuts or scraps. It has the ability to rejuvenate your hands skin and protects the sensitive skin of your baby. It has variety of uses for all family members including baby, mom and dad. It has further types based on the formula used.


Comparison board

Vaseline blue seal
Definition Vaseline is the name of brand. Vaseline blue seal is the name of product.
Composition Made up of micro crystalline wax and minerals. Made up of triple purification formula.
Use Variety of uses in moisturizing skin and keeping it hydrated. Variety of uses for baby, mom and dad.
Cosmetic use There are no worth nothing cosmetics uses. A lot of cosmetics use i.e. for lashes and removing make up.
Types No types A lot of types including Vaseline blue seal cocoa butter, Vitamin E and germ safe etc.

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