Difference between visa card and master card

The bank transactions of customers are handled by both visa card and master card. Both act as a middleman between customer and bank and retailer. They act as payment network and regulate or process every payment you make. Visa card is quite different from master card based on many reasons. Let us discuss how they differ from each other but not forgetting their similarities.

Visa Card

Visa card is a card which bears visa symbol, it allows its user to purchase items, or process services and cash from the visa merchant. The card is regulated by visa network. It is obtained via financial institutions by individuals and business customers. These cards are widely used and they are accepted in more than 200 countries in the world. The visa card number always starts with digit 4.

Master card

Mastercard incorporation is an American multinational financial service, its headquarters is located in New York. Mastercard processes the payment between merchant bank and card issuing bank. Master card is used as debit card that relies on the customer’s funds in their bank. It is also accepted worldwide in more than 200 countries. The master card number always starts with digit 5.

Comparison board

Visa card
Master card
Definition Visa card number always starts with digit 4. Master card number always starts with digit 5.
Discount Visa card offer discount on sporting and travel tickets Master card offer security on all the payments.
Exchange rate Visa card has normal exchange rates in foreign countries. Mastercard has slightly better exchange range in foreign countries
Refund policy The lower price of item is refunded in 120 days after purchase. The lower price of item is refunded in 60 days after purchase.
Benefits Visa card provides a number of benefits but not in the form of levels. Master card offers three levels of benefits, i.e. standard, world and world elite.

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