Difference between a Blog and a Website

Blogs and websites are very popular nowadays. However, they are so similar that many people are confused about what are they and how they work.  The main difference between both is nothing but the format in which information is presented.

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Definition The definition of blog tends to be quite ambiguous. The common trace of the many definitions is that a blog is a web log. That means that a blog is similar to a diary; every new post is chronologically ordered, usually the most recent post is the first one shown. Any other thing, besides a blog, that can be found in the Internet is most likely to be a website. Usually websites are used to present and offer a service or product. In a website one can purchase things or get information about something.
How to start one? A blog doesn’t really need to be made from scratch. There are several services that provide the ultimate blog creating tools, such as WordPress and Blogger. There are also some platforms that help people create their own website. However, it is a little more difficult and requires some programming knowledge.
How to identify it? To begin, in a blog you will always find a chronological listing of all entries. There is also a comment section in each post, so people can write their opinions or any observations. Finally, blogs usually have several categories besides their publishing date, by which they can be archived: tags, categories, author and tags, to name a few. It has a home page where all of the website sections can be found. One of the most popular sections of a website is the FAQ, which helps lost readers get a quick glimpse of any specific subject. There, one can also find the company’s terms and privacy statements as well as data regarding the way to get in touch with them.
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