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Some time ago, the international media had its attention on a mine rescue in Chile. One of the unexpected results from the event was the notice taken in the similarities between the Chilean and Texan flags. One of the voters from Texas caught sight of the similarity between the two flags.

Indeed, the two flags could be easily mistaken for each other. Both possessed a white stripe on top, a red one on the bottom portion, a blue area, and a white star in the middle of the blue portion.

The only distinction between both flags is the fact that the blue portion on the Chile flag only takes up the top left corner. On the other hand, the Texas flag’s blue area covers the left side of the flag, touching both the white and red stripes of the flag.

The voter was congratulated by election officials for pointing out this similarity that could easily cause mixups during elections and any events warranting the involvement of the flags.

Comparison Board

State Chile Texas
Appearance White stripe on top, red stripe on bottom, a blue square on the top left corner with a star in the middle White stripe on top, red stripe on bottom, a blue portion taking up ⅓ of the flag on the left side with a star in the middle
Symbolism The three colors for snow covered Andes, the blood spilled for the sake of independence, the sky and Pacific ocean, respectively, and the star as a guide for progress and honor The three colors for purity, bravery, and loyalty, respectively, and the star for the state’s unity in being one for God, State, and Country
Date Adopted October 18, 1817 January 25, 1839
Designed By Ignacio Zenteno or Gregorio de Andia y Varela Unknown; prone to historical debate


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