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Difference between Plex and IPTV

What is the difference between Plex and IPTVDifference between Plex and IPTV

When we talk about television and  streaming services, many names come to mind. IPTV and services such as Plex, are often some of them.

Nowadays, a shift from old ways of broadcasting (e.g satellite TV or cable) to internet-based streaming is happening. IPTV and Plex (amongst others) have an important role to play in this shift. People seem to care more about accessing to the content than actually owning it. Both Plex and IPTV offer different services within this spectrum of tasks. Let’s see how Plex and IPTV work, what services they offer and how can they fulfill people’s multimedia needs.


Plex is a Digital Media Player. It is an outstanding tool (software) that streams and organizes your collection of videos, movies, pictures, and music in all of your devices. Unlike other tools, Plex is known for making media streaming easy and enjoyable. Also, you can access your media everywhere on any device. You can allow your friends to access your media if you want to. You can use it on Andriod, Apple, Android TV, Playstation, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, etc.


On the other side, IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television. On IPTV, the Internet delivers video and internet programs. These can be either on-demand or live. IPTV delivers the content to the subscriber through internet connection or broadband. In contrast to satellite connection or standard cable, multiple TV sets can use a single subscription within a house on IPTV.  Moreover, the subscriber can also watch whatever they want via IPTV instead of live streaming.


Comparison Board



User satisfaction 80% 88%
Pricing $39.99 dollars a year or $119.99 for a lifetime membership. Prices vary a lot. Usually they start from $9.99 a month and higher, depending on the content offered, the number of devices and the country.
Payment plans Monthly, yearly or for a lifetime. Monthly or yearly.
Content Over 6000 tv channels, 4000 movies and TV shows, plus all of the music and podcasts in Tidal (60 million songs). A lot of channels, shows, PPV events, live shows, amongst other. It depends on your country and provider.






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