Difference between Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly

Winter season brings dry and irritated skins with it. Many products are available in the market that help in moisturizing dry skin and treat other skin conditions including cuts, burns and rashes etc. Vaseline and petroleum jelly are the two main products that have been in use for centuries. People mostly rely on these two products and often consider them as same product mistakenly. Here are the differences that these two products have.


Vaseline is actually the brand name of the product that was manufactured back in 1859. Initially it was used for medical purposes. The Vaseline is purely made of petroleum jelly along with the microcrystalline wax and minerals that diversified its use as a lubricating product. Vaseline brand have lotions, creams, ointments and baby moisturizers etc.

Petroleum jelly

It is a semi-solid mixture that is made up of hydrocarbons. It was found in the mines as stiff black wax. Due to its origin it is also called as petrolatum or white paraffin. It is refined at various grades to be used as a skin product. It has various functions such as fungal treatment, diaper and genital rashes as well as cosmetic use.

Comparison board

Petroleum Jelly
Definition Name of  a brand. A product extracted from mines.
Properties Made up of refined petroleum. Made up of mixture of hydrocarbons.
Odor It has lavender oil or baby powder smell. It has smell of oil and gas.
Refining It is triple refined product and is non-carcinogenic. It has grades of refining and is carcinogenic in certain condition.
Types Vaseline is available in the market in various products as lotion, creams and ointment. Petroleum jelly is available in the market as purse-sized tubes or larger tubs.

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