Difference between USA and America

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between USA and America? Many people assume these two are same and many times referring to the states of America they say instead America as a whole. There is a very sharp difference between both. One is the state’s term and the other is name of the continent.


Everyone knows the seven continents of the world; America is one of those continents. This includes all the lands on western hemisphere, this includes North and South America. America was named after an explorer named Americo Vespucci. The people living in USA are not the only ones to be called as Americans, but all the people living in both North and South America. America has diverse geographical features including mountain and deserts. South America has warmer climate while the North America has dry climate.


The United States of America are the parts of North America. Canada and Mexico are also located in Northern America but they are not included in United States. As you already know there are total fifty-two states in USA including Washington D.C. as its capital. Among these forty-eight states are contiguous between Canada and Mexico. United States have diverse geography and wildlife, climate is also diverse that imparts to its megadiversity.

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United States of America
Definition A continent having USA as well as Canada and Mexico. A diverse geographical area including 52 states of America.
Location South America and North America. USA is located in the North America.
Constitution Law is different in different parts of America. Same federal law for all the states.
Citizens Canadian, Mexican and other citizens live in America. Citizens are called as Americans.
Language Many official languages are spoken in respective country including English, French and Spanish etc. Only official language in USA that is US English.

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